Stand up packaging bags(pouches)

Ideal choice for detergent powders or liquids packaging
stand up detergent packaging bags

Stand up detergent packaging bag(pouch) is one of the types of detergent (powder) packaging bags,designed to stand upright for easy storage and display. Normally, as one of the type of flexible packaging, it is made from materials like plastic, aluminum foil, or a combination of both. 

The stand-up design is beneficial as it maximizes the use of shelf space in stores. It also makes the product easy to handle and use for consumers. The packaging often includes a resealable zipper or spout for convenience and to maintain the product’s freshness after opening.

 The packaging can be printed with vibrant colors and designs to attract customers. It’s also possible to include transparent windows so customers can see the product inside. 

These bags are commonly used for packaging various types of detergents, including laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, and other cleaning products. They are durable, lightweight, and can be designed to hold various quantities of product, making them a popular choice in the cleaning products industry.


 How to get a free quote from us?

To customize a stand up detergent packaging bag, what should be provided as bellow:

1) Size

2) Material structure

3) Colors

4) Artwork

5) Order quantity

 Regarding the material structure, there are two common types on the market. If for powders, the material structure usually is adopted two layers laminated structure, which is BOPA(NY)/white PE, or PET/white PE. If for liquids, normally, it is four layers laminated structure, which is PET/AL/BOPA/white PE. To know more about your stand up detergent packaging bags, please contact to our experts. 

Design layout of stand up detergent packaging bags
stand up detergent packaging design

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