Side gusset washing powder packang bags

side gusset washing powder packaging bags

Side gusset washing powder packaging bags are a popular choice for packaging washing powder due to their durability and ability to stand upright. They are typically made from laminating flexible plastic, which are resistant to moisture and air, ensuring the washing powder stays dry and fresh.

The side gusset design refers to the pleats on the sides of the bag that expand when the bag is filled. This design allows the bag to hold more product and stand upright on shelves, making it an attractive option for customers.

 These bags often come with a resealable zipper or a heat-sealable top for easy opening and closing. They can also be customized with brand logos and information, and are available in a variety of sizes to suit different product quantities.

 How to get a free quote from us?

To customize a stand up detergent packaging bag, what should be provided as bellow:

1) Size

2) Material structure

3) Colors

4) Artwork

5) Order quantity

Regarding the material structure, it is usually adopted two layers laminated structure, which is BOPA(NY)/white PE or PET/white PE.To know more about your stand up detergent packaging bags, please contact to our experts. 

Design layout of side gusset washing packang bags
side gusset washing powder packaging bags design

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