Popsicle packaging plastic film rolls

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popsicle packaging plastic film rolls

Popsicle packaging plastic film rolls were used for popsicle, and ice lolly packaging. They are typically made from food-grade plastic materials, such as BOPP (Biaxially-oriented Polypropylene) laminated with Pearl PE(pearl polyethylene) or BOPP laminated with VMCPP(metalized chlorinated polypropylene). They are designed to be safe for good contact, durable, and resistant to cold temperatures.

 These plastic film rolls are printed with designs or branding information before being cut and sealed abound individual popsicles. The thickness of the film is usually 45 microns or custom. The width of the roll can vary depending on the size of the popsicles being packaged. It can be tailored to customersrequirements. Normally, the bag type will be designed to pillow bag to meet the automatic packaging machine for mass auto-packaging, which will improve production efficiency and save labor.

 These plastic films are chosen for their ability to provide a barrier against moisture, oxygen, and light, which helps preserve the popsicle’s quality and extend its shelf life. They also provide a surface for printing, which is important for branding and product information.

How do we customize the popsicle packaging plastic film rolls? some information should be known as below:


2)Material structure



5)Order quantity

 However, it’s important to note that while these plastic films are effective, they are also a source of single-use plastic waste. As a result, many companies are exploring more sustainable packaging options, such as biodegradable or compostable films.To get a free quote or consultation for your popsicles or ice lolly packaging, please contact our experts, and we will respond within 24 hours

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