Aluminum foil bag

Unparalled barrier packaging keeping food fresh, preventing corrosion, extending shelf life and presevations
aluminum foil bag

Aluminum foil bags(pouches) are packaging materials made of composite materials which combined with aluminum foil, often used for food storage because they can keep out light, oxygen, and moisture, preserving the freshness of the contents. They are usually used in food, industry, and are also used in the pharmaceutical industry to package certain medications, as they can protect sensitive drugs from light and moisture. The bags can come in various sizes and can be resealable. They’re lightweight, durable, and flexible, making them quite convenient for various uses. However, they’re not suitable for microwave use due to the metal’s reaction to microwaves. 

Regarding the material structure, they are three or four layers by lamination in common. The following are some instance about the material structures and applications

Coffee bag: PET/AL/PE, MOPP/AL/PE, OPP/AL/PE etc.

Liquids: PET/AL/PA/CPEOPP/AL/PA/CPE, MOPP/AL/CPE and so on. 

Different applications have different material structures, and various composite thickness and combines according to the customers requirement. So to customize a stand up detergent packaging bag, the following specifications  should be provided:

1) Size

2) Material structure

3) Colors

4) Artwork

5) Order quantity

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Structure and application of aluminum foil composite bags
spout pouches
aluminum foil bag

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