Structure and application of aluminum foil composite bags

Structure and application of aluminum foil composite bags

Aluminum foil composite bags have been widely used in food, medicine, aerospace and other fields due to their light weight, good airtightness, and good wrapping properties. Mainly widely used in moisture-proof packaging of powdery and hygroscopic items (such as food, medicine, seeds, etc.). Plastic/aluminum/plastic structure: aluminum foil (aluminized layer) and high-strength, heat-sealable plastic film for dry processing Compounded. The main features of this composite material are excellent barrier properties, softness and foldability, high mechanical strength, oil resistance and corrosion resistance, and excellent heat sealing properties. 

    With the continuous improvement of aluminum foil production technology, the advantages of composite aluminum foil bags have become more and more obvious, which has opened up new incremental space for the application of aluminum foil in the packaging industry. 

    Aluminum foil composite bags are made of high-temperature-resistant plastic or nylon layers and aluminum-plastic composite films with high-temperature resistant adhesives. They can withstand high-temperature sterilization at 120 to 150 degrees and are used for packaging of sauce, paste, and solid retort food and space food packaging. Plastic/aluminum/plastic composite materials are based on product packaging requirements. The skeleton layer plastic is still a plastic resin film base material with high mechanical strength and good printing adaptability, such as HDPE, BOPP, BOPET and NY, etc., while the functional layer plastic is generally a barrier Plastic resin film substrates with good performance, puncture resistance, etc., such as PVDC, NY, etc.

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